About The Owner

sailboatfreakI enjoy my boat and wish I could spend more time sailing than working …. and working is not a problem at this time!

For years I’ve sailed.  My folks begin the family sailing adventures in the middle ’70s.  This was done through a club that taught sailing and sold ‘time’ on their fleet of boats – Neptunes and Macgregors.  The family also did some rentals of larger boats (mostly Catalinas) in the Washington State and Canadian San Juan Islands.  In the early 80’s my folks purchased a Cheoy Lee 32 (1979 manufacture).  This boat stayed in the family for just over ten years.

After I finished my years of college I worked in Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, eastern Washington and then Ohio.  During this time I did not sail … but the bug would bite at times and I would think about getting a trailerable sailboat.  When in Minnesota I inspected a Montgomery 15 in a boat yard.

In mid-2006 I returned to the Seattle area to be close to my family.  Additionally I wanted to return to the mountains and waters to again enjoy my ‘out of doors’ hobbies.  I quickly started a search for a boat.  The stars were in alignment and after only a few months I found the M15 that would become my first Montgomery sailboat

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I always knew that Scred would be a ‘transition boat’.  My sailing eyes were set on the M17.  After three years of sailing service I found Sweet Pea to be the right M17 at the right time.

From December of 2010 through January 2018 I worked with the sailboat manufacturing company – Sage Marine.  A bonus was Sage Marine’s designer was Jerry Montgomery, the builder and designer of my two Montgomery sailboats.  Jerry is the designer of the new Sage 17, Sage 15 and SageCat pocket cruisers.

Besides sailing I have the following interests –

– Dave