Momma Kitty

momma-kittyHello,  I am Momma Kitty.  In July 2007 I was found in the Scobie’s back yard trying to raise my four kittens.  The Scobie’s brought me into their home, got my family medical care, and provided the loving attention pets deserve.  Five weeks later my kittens were ready to find their own homes, and adopted to caring families.  I put on my best smile and became a permanent Scobie family member.

My human is David, and he enjoys sailing.  I dislike him being gone and will pace the house, cry loudly, and scratch at the doors until he returns.  After two years Dave finally ‘got the hint’ I wanted to go sailing!

To keep me comfortable I have all my normal possessions when sailing –

  • My litter box fits snugly in the aft end of the quarter berth:


  • My food and water are kept on the cabin floor next to the centerboard trunk to limit any spills.  A scratcher is available to keep my nails pretty:


  • For safety I wear a harness at all times.  This is so I can be caught more easily if a go someplace I shouldn’t.  For extra security during those times when I’m very curious David attaches me to a tether so I don’t go to far:


  • My favorite parts of the day are nap time, especially when it is sunny on a cool day, and checking out the anchorage in the evening.


Fall 2010 I went on three boat trips: one overnight, a three-night cruise, and a seven day extended voyage.