Sailboat Links

Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group on

  • An active group of Jerry Montgomery design fans and owners.  Pictures, discussions, Q&A, and boats for sale.  This is the most active site on the Internet for folks looking for information about the Montgomery and Sage boats.

Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group Photo

  • The site is filled with pictures of owner’s and the personal projects done to repair, renew and improve the Mboats.

Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group (MSOG)

  • MSOG is the sister site to the MSOG photo site.  MSOG also contains pictures and projects.   Host of a current list of Mboats for sale (or is is sail?).  Also host of the email discussion group about Mboats (registration link)

Trailer Sailer ‘Montomery Sailboats’ Forum –

  • The forum’s stated purpose is, “… an open forum for discussing anything pertaining to Montgomery sailboats.”  For the past 2-3 years the forum hasn’t been much used.  Most activity now happens in the Facebook group.

Sage Marine

  •  Sage Marine was the builder of the new Jerry Montgomery pocket cruiser designs: Sage 17, Sage 15 & SageCat.  Production ceased in late 2018.   The www-site, forum and blog closed in 2020 between 2020 and 2021.

NOAA Tides and Currents –

  •  Tides in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands can range 15 feet or more, and currents can run over five or six knots.

SailFlow ‘ weather where you sail’ –

  •  Nice to see wind predictions and patterns.  Helpful in planning a trip and to review how the larger weather pattern interacts with Puget Sound’s many channels, bays and coves.

Magic Harbor –


  •  Another group of small trailerable sailboat owners … this one made up of folks owning the West Wright Potter (aka, ‘The Potter’).

Small Craft

  •  This is the www-site of the magazine of the same name.  The mag is a great resource for those that like trailerable boats (focus on sailboats).  I am a writer for SCA and am the designated ‘keeper of the calendar’.
  • The magazine transitioned from printed on on-line only publication the end of 2022 (Nov/Dec ’22 Issue 138 was the last printed version).  The on-line site is at


  •  A great site for general information on trailerable sailboats of all types.

The Simple

  • Site by “Roger Taylor, skipper of a little junk-rigged Corribee called Mingming. This is my website. Only time will tell what it will be about, but initially it will be about Mingming, her voyages and the principles of Simple Sailing that underpin my approach to ocean voyaging.”  Roger has now published two books about his small boat travels, Voyages of a Simple Sailor and Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing.  Both books are entertaining reading.

Keep Turning

  • “[T]he story of one mans slow odyssey around the UK. 30 months of sailing has resulted in travelling from the Isle of Wight to Wells in North Norfolk – so I am aiming for one of the slowest circumnavigations in UK history.”
  • Dylan Winter has mostly been silent since mid-2021.  He was posting some videos showing his new-to-him Fisher 25 motor-sailer and is preparations for more sailing.  Mid-2022 those videos were taken down and he hasn’t posting a thing.  I’m hopeful he will share information about what he has done during the 2022 sailing season – I believe he was returning to the West and SW shores of Scotland.

ShortyPen’s Saiboat Pocket Cruiser List –

  • The most comprehensive list of small ‘cruising’ sailboats I have found on the internet.  “There are many pocket cruiser sailboats that have almost no representation on the internet. Some were only manufactured for a few years and then the design was discontinued and others had their companies go out of business. This is my comprehensive list and directory of all the fiberglass production sailboats that have a cabin with a door or drop boards, are less than 20 feet long, less than 8′ wide, and weigh less than 2000 pounds.” 

Boat Owners Association of the United

  • Overall a good site for ‘boat things’.  Focus is powerboats.  The Association’s boat insurance provides great coverage at very reasonable rates.  When I shopped for Sweet Pea’s insurance I found BoatUS costs to be 1/4 other insurance companies’.


  • These are a must have for your boat’s trailer.