in golden colorado

no … i didn’t sail SWEET PEA to colorado.

last week i left seattle for a 1300, three day, drive to golden CO to assist in the construction of the Sage Marine Sage 17.  the drive was fine and i spend two nights, with Momma Kitty, camping in my truck.

truck camping

when i arrived in golden the temps were in the 80s.  a few days later spring weather brought a light 2″ snow that covered vehicles and the grass in town.  the foothills west of golden made for a great veiw outside the Sage Marine shop.

hills outside sage marine shop

I have been busy working on the boat: designing the electrical system, creating patterns for the cabin cushions, talking standing and running rigging with jerry montgomery, and doing multiple other tasks required when starting  up a new company and building a new boat design.

SWEET PEA is in storage for the next few months as i will return to seattle with a new Sage 17.  in june i’ll be taking part in the two week Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group San Juan and Gulf Islands Cruise coordinated by Larry Yake.

SWEET PEA in storage

I did take a three day trip on SWEET PEA the weekend prior to leaving seattle.  i’ll post details in a few days in the TRIPS section of this site.

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