unhappy boat

if SWEET PEA were a pet, child or spouse protective services would have taken her from me many months ago.

it has been 14 months since SWEET PEA has been in the water.  last August i hauled her to Colorado and she was parked next to the Sage Marine shop in the boat yard.

i have done the basic maintenance tasks: teak and varnish before putting her under a tarp for the winte; checking her every few weeks to assure there are no leaks or problems; and re-tightening the tarp as the common wind storms blow through.

last night a strong thunderstorm blew through Golden, CO, and the tarp (at least three years old) gave up at falling into many smaller pieces.  this occurrence motivated me to take off the tattered bits and haul SWEET PEA to a local vehicle emissions check station so the trailer VIN could be verified.  this is required as my WA state registration for boat and trailer expire the end of June.  the inspection took less that five minutes and after lightening my wallet by $20 i was on my way.  i now need to go with forms, paperwork, and old title and registration to the Jefferson County offices to get the trailer registered into Colorado and collect a license plate.

the Jefferson County building is called the ‘Taj Mahal’ by the locals) –

this place is just huge, misplaced to it’s location, and represents ‘over the top’ architecture in the state that hates schools, minorities, and all social services.  guess you know where the priorities are … ugly and grandious buildings of power.  so much for ‘small government’.

through all this i’ll also need to register SWEET PEA for a CO bow number.  Colorado doesn’t title boats, only registration, so i’m looking at a PITA if i move to a different state … the question, ‘where is the title;’ will be asked.  the explanation that, ‘CO don’t title;’ only makes the new state bureaucrat dig in his/her heals.

i am working on putting together a ‘SCAMP-fest’ on Lake Dillon the weekend of 10-13 August.  right now I have two fairly firm commitments that two Small Craft Advisor SCAMP sailboats will attend.  i have offered to bring SWEET PEA to the lake for any that wish to attend and will not have their own boat. now to get some more pocket cruisers and trailer sailors to come together for some fellowship and sailing!

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