SWEET PEA sails just fine

after 18ish months ‘on the hard’ SWEET PEA again hit the water on Lake Granby, CO, at 8,200′ above sea level.

the lake is the second largest in Colorado.  the water level is low … like all lakes in CO this summer.  the shoreline looks like it has been many years since the lake has been close to maximum levels.

the mornings were calm.  between 10 and 11 AM the wind would begin to build.  by middle afternoon the average wind speed is about 15-20 knots with gusts 5-10 kts higher.  a few rain ‘spatters’ would come through the area, with rain seen falling on the mountains around the lake.  no thunder and lightening at the lake, but in the early evening could see storms in the area.

SWEET PEA did well.  she sailed like her old self.  no problems with the boat … the centerboard was just fine after sitting unchecked for such a long time.

i need to get SWEET PEA’s main re-cut or maybe buy a new one.  it does not hold a good shape and the aft end of the boom is REALLY low in the cockpit … a head-hitting accident waiting to happen.  shouldn’t complain as the sail is original to the boat and 29 years old.


above is a picture of SWEET PEA sailing well.  in the distance is the Stillwater USFS Campground (just a few years ago you would have seen lots of trees … these are all dead and gone because of the Pine Beetle infestation that has killed most of the trees around the lake … see this link that shows ‘before and after’ photos – http://campincolorado.com/federal/arapaho_roosevelt_nf/stillwater/stillwater.html).

the weather was very nice for this ‘little HPCC’ (Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention).  daytime in the mid-70s and overnight in the low 40s.  monday morning, Labor Day, i woke and watch a layer of surface fog, just a few feet deep, move across the lake in the light morning breeze.

the sailing was GREAT.  set up SWEET PEA for mountain lake winds (building all day and gusty) with a full main and working jib (110%).  on Saturday i eventually put in a single reef and was sailing just fine in winds around 20 kts with higher gusts.  Sunday’s winds were a bit lighter with not as strong gusts.  the wind shift continuously so always busy at the tiller adjusting course … or holding course and adjusting the sails.

it was a great weekend and it felt good to get SWEET PEA out on the water.

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