More on reefing

Reefing is an important skill for all sailors. Putting in a reef should take less than 30 seconds … not really hard to tuck in a reef in less than 20 seconds and close to 10 on a Sage 17, Sage 15 or SageCat. On the Sage boats the reefing system that comes standard is … More More on reefing


Spring has come conversations among sailors has increased. One topic that has been batted around is reefing. For those reading that are not sailors reefing is reducing the size of the boats sails in response to the wind speed increasing. The smaller sail catches less wind and the boat heels less (until the wind increases … More Reefing

Internet isn’t forever

Much information is available on the Internet. Much is helpful. Sadly it seems the good stuff goes away. To assist small boat sailors I created informative posts about small boat sailing on Sage Marine’s BLOG. I’ve just found out that the BLOG is being closed. ☹️ So the educational information isn’t lost I will be … More Internet isn’t forever