Internet isn’t forever

Much information is available on the Internet. Much is helpful. Sadly it seems the good stuff goes away.

To assist small boat sailors I created informative posts about small boat sailing on Sage Marine’s BLOG. I’ve just found out that the BLOG is being closed. ☹️ So the educational information isn’t lost I will be reposting here on SWEET PEA’S www-site.

The information usually focused on the Sage sailboats, as I was responsible for sales, marketing and customer education, but works equally well for all small trailer sailors like the Montgomery 17 and 15.

Look for these repostings over the next months.

In other news –

I apologise that my posts about my travels on SWEET PEA are lacking. I have two months of adventuring to post! I will share those adventures!

(If you are interested in my current live aboard activities on SWALLOW’S site –

4 thoughts on “Internet isn’t forever

      1. Dave, after following the Sage 17’s development for a couple of years, I was able to acquire hull #25. I was saddened to hear you had left the company as I had spoken with you a few times. It’s a shame to lose all that hard won thinking and information on the boats development. There doesn’t seem to be much activity or enthusiasm on the forum or blog since your departure, not sure why. Hopefully Sage will step up and make the blog available in a pdf or something as to not lose it. In the meantime, thanks for your efforts to preserve the more pertinent posts and continued enjoyment of your new boat and endeavors. I too have a bigger boat for the cold months, a Shannon 28, but I am really enjoying this little boat, l look forward to more of your writing! Dale S


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