Heading North

I’ve been gunkholing around South Puget Sound for near a month so it is time to head north.

I move from McMicken to Longbranch with a stop at Zittle’s Marina at Johnson Point to get gas, water and dump the porta-potti and a swing by Eagle Island State Park. The plan was to stay at Eagle Island as this would save time in the morning to transit Tacoma Narrows. After sailing in light winds from Zittle’s I approach Eagle just to have some small powerboats zip right past me taking the last buoy! Damn!!! I backtrack to Longbranch and set the anchor, under sail in Filucy Bay. Not the plan but I did have a great afternoon of sailing.

I awake very early and head towards Tacoma Narrows. Passing Eagle Island I see that the buoy that was taken by the small powerboats is empty – I expected this as the two boats that tied up to it yesterday were of the bow-rider type. Again – DAMN!

Running lights on for the early departure from Longbranch.

I have the current with me but no wind. I ride the tide under the Narrows Bridges and continue north up Clovos Passage along the west side of Vashon Island. Near the north end I’m passed by a larger sailboat, also motoring. The stop motoring for a short time and then begin to motor again … then stop again. I see a person stand at the transom waving their arms – this is a a sign of distress and needing assistance. Many large powerboats go right by without even slowing. I turn and approach to find what I can do. The owner states they are out of diesel. I can help them nor am large enough to tow. I wish them well as they are in no immediate danger.

As I exit Clovos Passage at the north end of Vashon Island there is a bit of wind allowing me to sail the last bit to Blake Island. It is still early – like 10AM early so I take an empty buoy near the State Park marina.

The buoys are Blake are fully exposed to wind and waves. The waters around Blake are well trafficked so one just rolls. I plan to wait at the buoy to early afternoon and find, I hope, a marina slip.

I read some, eat an early lunch, read and take a nap … rolled to sleep by the speeding powerboat’s wakes. At about 1:30pm I leave the buoy and motor into the marina. It is very full, not at all like when I was here earlier in the month. There is limited space but Sweet Pea’s small size mean I’m able to fit into a small space.

I register, take a shower, and settle in for for the afternoon and evening.

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