Tossed about

As the evening settled in around Sweet Pea the forecast not to windy northerly was blowing out of the Southwest at Joemma State Park. The seas were confused one to two footers and the wind whistled in the rigging. I had hoped it was just a ‘bit of wind’ as the sun was setting – nope!

Sunset at Joemma – notice how lumpy the seas are!

The waves and wind continued unchanged through the early morning and then things settle down. I sleep in, past 7am, and while making breakfast decide I’ll move to McMicken State Park. If a buoy isn’t available there is good anchorage.

I arrive and find one buoy open! The small bay between McMicken and Harstine Island is full of boats. I also find that the cellphone Internet is crashing – a result of so many people in the area.

Momma Kitty catches some sun at McMicken Island State Park.

I enjoy an afternoon reading and watching the people move about. It is disappointing the number that are not wearing a PFD. Puget Sound’s cold and current filled waters are not kind to a person entering the water unprepared.

In the late afternoon the wind comes up. Here in the lee of McMicken Island the wind blows but the seas don’t build – I’m happy I choose to come here from Joemma.

Momma Kitty is one cool cat!

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