Out in the open

Went to be before the sun had set. I sleep very well on the boat and yesterday’s long motoring spell had me tired.

I now need to figure out where to be for the Memorial Day long weekend. My thinking is to try a place I don’t remember staying – Joemma State Park just northeast-ish of Dana Passage. The weather is forecast to be settled so the park’s lack of protected moorage shouldn’t be an problem.

There is no wind when I leave Hope Island so I motor through Dana Passage where a light breeze springs up. I sail in a 1-5 kt wind across Case Inet and to the dock. What fun! I drop sail once I tie up receiving a couple of complementary nods from people on shore. I register for two days moorage and drop my recycling and garbage.

The wind is just the right strength and direction for me to sail off the dock and to a buoy. I set the main, release the dock lines and push to boom forward so Sweet Pea backs out of the slip. I then fall off and sail the a buoy under the watchful eye of a large powerboat’s crew.

Sweet Pea at the Joemma State Park docks.

It is warm and little wind so I put up the cockpit tent for shade and hang out my towels to dry. Momma Kitty spends some time checking out the surroundings and then has a rockus time playing with her toys and scratcher. After this bust of activity she curls up to catnap through the rest of the afternoon.

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