Mid-morning on an overcast and almost chilly morning I and the Potters depart Jarrell Cove for Olympia. There is wind, on the nose, that is ‘sail worthy’; but I need to get groceries and then find a location to spend the night (I’m not wanting to pay for moorage in Olympia).

Motoring south along Pickering Passage I leave the sailing Potters behind. The breeze is about five knots and I honestly feel bad motoring in this breeze.

As I enter Budd Inlet, near Olympia, the wind shifts and I sail for about an hour ‘alleviating’ some of my motoring anxiety. Just outside of the channels that lead into Olympia proper I lower the sails and motor to Percival Landing Park along the ‘west channel’.

The docks here allow tie-up for a few hours with no charge. The docks are a block from a grocery store – a Thriftway. I close up the cabin and go in search of ships stores.

After shopping and making myself a sandwich and a cup of coffee I head north to a buoy at Hope Island. For a short bit I do sail – the wind quickly dies.

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