Meeting up with Potters

A quite evening was had at McMicken Island State Park … the quiet before the storm of people as Memoral Day weekend is coming and I need to figure out where I’ll ‘hole up’ as the Sound will be crowded with boats.

After breakfast and doing the dishes I’ll head to Jarrell Cove State Park to again meet up with the Potter group.

I sail off the buoy and have an enjoyable downwind run to Dougall Point and then tack in very light wind to the Jarrell Cove entrance.  The motoring is limited to going through the cove and to the state park dock – only 11 minutes of motoring time all day!

The Potter group arrives in dribs and drabs as they sailed in the light winds I also experienced.  As expected an enjoyable evening is spent talking small boats.  They are ending their cruise tomorrow so I’ll follow them to Olympia to say goodbye and buy groceries.

Jarrell Cove State Park dock full of trailerable boats!

2 thoughts on “Meeting up with Potters

  1. Hi Dave! Just saw this for the first time, I think when we met you, I wanted to go look at your blog but forgot…
    Anyway, hope you are well, you should try to meet up with the potters this June! I hope to be at the R2AK race opening party, too.


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