Zittle’s and McMicken

After a nap and then an enjoyable afternoon and some overnight star gazing at Oro Bay, Anderson Island, I start the day much later than yesterday’s early wakeup.

My Oro Bay anchoring spot is sheltered by trees and the sun doesn’t reach the solar panel until after I depart.  As I consider future anchorages, especially when the days get shorter come fall, will need to make sure I have good sun expose to assure the battery stays charged.

After breakfast I find light wind sailing and after loosing to the current in Nisqually Reach I ultimately motor to Zittle’s at Johnson Point to get gas, water and dump the trash & porta potti.  I like Zittle’s as they were very helpful back when Sweet Pea’s trailer broke.

Dock pilings at Zittle’s with trees growing out the tops.

I motor just a few minutes away from Zittle’s dock and up go the sails for a nice wing-on-wind sail to McMicken Island State Park where I sail to one of the buoys.

The day is very warm – almost 80 in May! What will August be like?!

Harbour porpoise at sunset at McMicken Island State Park.

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