The current wins

I’m going back into South Puget Sound so once again I’ll transit Tacoma Narrows.  This means an early wake-up to ride the tide south.

Up at 3:45am … Momma Kitty doesn’t even move out from the covers.   I make a cup of coffee and eat a breakfast of breakfast bars while boiling water to put in the thermos for making coffee on the trip.  I confirm the weather – unlikely to see any wind; and prep the boat for travel.

Up anchor at 5:10am and motor motor motor.  The nice thing about the early wakeup is very few other boats on the water … especially wake causing powerboats!

Early morning sun on the Tacoma Narrows Bridges.

I pass under the Tacoma Narrows Bridges at 6:50am and arrive at Oro Bay, Anderson Island at 9:25am.  Anchor down and not time for a nap!


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