E15 Gas

‘E15’ refers to the percentage of ethanol in the gas.  Most of us are using E10 in our cars & trucks.  A few weeks ago I discussed outboard motor care and touched on the topic of ethanol in gasoline (click here to read that post.)

This morning I received an announcement from BoatUS concerning greater availability of E15 in North Carolina –

The Altoona, Pennsylvania based convenience store chain Sheetz announced on January 21 that it would offer E15 fuel – gas containing up to 15% ethanol – at 60 of their North Carolina locations beginning in early 2015. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) believes that could be a problem for recreational boaters, motorists and many other users of gasoline-powered equipment and vehicles. There are no marine engines warrantied to run on E15 and according to AAA, most automobile manufacturers say any damage due to the use of this higher ethanol blend fuel will void the warranty.

Read the full article here –


Be aware when buying fuel what you are putting in the tank.

In making boat deliveries and attending boat events I do pass through states where there are fuel pumps dispensing ethanol mixed gas in quantities higher than 10%.  I can attest that the markings are not always clear on the percentage of ethanol being pumped.  If unsure I recommend asking the attendant as, besides outboard motor worries, many cars & trucks cannot burn anything with more the 10% ethanol (ie, E10).  To see if your vehicle can use E15 check the owner’s manual or contact your car/truck dealer.

– Dave

NOTE: I originally posted this January 2015 on Sage Marine’s BLOG. In a short time the BLOG will be closed – stupidly. I am reposting this information so it is not lost. The information is still very important and since the post was first shared the number of filling stations with E15 has increased. Be sure you know the type of fuel you are using for filling your gas tank! 

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