Keeping a ship’s log

In the current issue of Good Old Boat​, Nov/Dec ’15, there is an excellent article about keeping a ship’s log.  I’ve kept one for all my boats.  I’m now into a second volume, as I’ve filled the first, for Sage 17 #1 AIR BORN.

Besides the joy of going down memory lane and reading old entries, information noted about how the boat sailed, anchorages, weather patterns, etc. are great resources for future voyages.  Keeping track of items needing attention when back home is also helpful … this was especially helpful after the first sea trails conducted on AIR BORN in the San Juan and Gulf Islands.

I recommend everyone keep a log.  Here is a link so you can download a PDF copy of the Good Old Boat’s article –

– Dave

NOTE: I originally posted this November 2015 on Sage Marine’s BLOG. In a short time the BLOG will be closed – stupidly. I am reposting this information so it is not lost.

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