Wood finishes

Exterior and interior wood, to me, makes a sailboat ‘salty’ and appropriately like, well, a boat. From my early days, when my folks started sailing, a proper boat required some wood showing. When my folks went looking for a family boat a few 100% wood boats were considered (though only for a short time). … More Wood finishes

wax on – wax off

Waiting for boat parts to arrive so I’ve taken advantage of the recent warm days here in Denver (65+ degrees in March!?) to make Sweet Pea look pretty.  After about six hours her hull is again shiny! I really like 3M’s Marine Restorer & Wax product (#09005).  I’ve used this for 10+ years and find it great for … More wax on – wax off

Boat Negligence

Over the past six years I’ve done very little to keep SWEET PEA shipshape and bristol fashion.  I am now putting some effort into putting her right! The weather has been very warm so I went to task on the exterior teak.  I’ve not put any teak oil on in at least five if not … More Boat Negligence

Rebedding Deck Hardware Part 1: cabintop handrails and cleats

I have no idea if SWEET PEA’s deck hardware has even been removed and rebedded.  From the looks of the boat I believe that almost all items have been in place since Jerry Montgomery, SWEET PEA’s builder, completed her in 1983. It was clear that some, if not all, of the handrail bolts were leaking.  There were water stains … More Rebedding Deck Hardware Part 1: cabintop handrails and cleats