Boat Negligence

Over the past six years I’ve done very little to keep SWEET PEA shipshape and bristol fashion.  I am now putting some effort into putting her right!

much weathered
Dirty and weathered teak.

The weather has been very warm so I went to task on the exterior teak.  I’ve not put any teak oil on in at least five if not six years!  Bad bad Montgomery owner!!

First I sanded the teak as it was very rough – first with 60 grit and then 100.  Because so much sanding was needed I chose to forgo cleaning and after removing all the dust applied a couple coats of teak oil (yes, I skipped a step in not cleaning … I being utilitarian in the aesthetics department).

After sanding the starboard side teak looking much better!


I only worked on the project for just over two hours so I’ll get the port side fixed up and continue to apply teak oil as weather permits – it is suppose to be winter here in Colorado … I think?

In other news I put the Group 24 battery back into the boat and put it on the charger.  After 24 hours I should know if the battery is still up to snuff … it was new in 2009 so I’m hopeful that the battery is OK.  I have kept the battery indoors and charged since it was taken out in 2012-ish so it wasn’t neglected.

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