sunny days

a BLUE sky today after many weeks of gray clouds and many inches of rain.  the air is COLD. this sunshine comes from a high pressure system dropping south from top of the world.  the wind and rain of the past weeks has cleaned the air making for pollution free dramatic views of the hills and mountains east and west.

with the cold, and rain, little boat work has been done over the past month.  i need to finish up the fiberglass work started in october … need a few 50 or 60 degree days for this.  also on the list are rebedding the motor mount and bow pulpit.  i would also like to mount the boarding ladder and rebed the motor mount before completing the cockpit ‘wet locker’ fiberglass work.

anyhow, i’m enjoying the sun, clear sky, and ‘brisk’ tempatures that will remain over seattle for the next two or three days.

– dave

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