winter and the outboard motor

i have a healthy distrust that an outboard will run.  every trip i worry, just a bit, that the motor will not start, or fail while running.  the technology of outboards have truely improved over the years and the motors do run much better than those just ten years old.

the 4-cycle outboard has provided for boaters a more reliable motor that is easier to run, no gas mixing (in theory), quieter and much better for the environment.  but … there always is a but … the addition of ethanol has REALLY messed with boaters.  ethanol attracts water.  motors don’t ‘burn’ water.  motor with watery gas no go.

my practice has been to run the outboard for 10-15 minutes every month or so through the winter season to limit issues relating to the outboard’s fuel system.  this has worked well and i have had no fuel related issue (knocking on wood many times as i type this).

with the ever increasing ‘horror stories’ relating to ethanol related ‘bad gas’ issues this winter i made the choice to begin using a fuel additive.  Sta-Bil is well recommended on many outboard and trailer sailor sites.  so much for no longer needing to ‘mix’ gas for the outboard.

this afternoon in started the outboard with no issue.  the suzuki bubbled and spitted in a bucket for about 15 minutes.  so far so good.

 – dave

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