very winter

it is winter in seattle.  rain and temps 40 degress, +/- 2-3 degrees.  in the morning there is a bit of frost on the lawn when there few or no clouds overnight.  not good weather for working on the boat as the fiberglass and rebedding hardware projects require a daytime temp somewhere around 55-60 degrees … likely i’ll not see these temps until early march.

if only i had a larger garage to store SWEET PEA.  SCRED, my old M15, would fit in a standard garage so i was able to do on-boat winter projects during the cold, raining, and generally gloomy days.  the saying goes that smaller boats get used more … one reason is fit in the garage for winter projects!

i have some work that i can do that is not on the the actually boat.  been playing around with SWEET PEA’s lines and ‘whipping’ the ends to keep them looking neat –



the above good project for those chilly nights while listening to the wind driven rain hit the windows.

been looking at sailing plans for the upcoming spring/summer/fall.  last year i never did sail north puget sound.  a trip(s) in this area of the sound is on the ‘short list.’  i have read no discussion yet on the bi-annual montgomery owner’s group (MSOG) listproc about the bi-annual san juan and/or gulf island trip … larry yake are you reading/planning?


 – dave

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