saiboat projects

i removed the winter tarp from SWEET PEA day before yesterday so i could move her to the workshop of a friend.  this will allow me to finish the off-season projects before mid-april.  my friend, eric, has also volunteered his 10 year old son to crawl into the small spaces around the transom to assist in removing hardware for re-bedding.

the yard looks empty without SWEET PEA.

today was sunny and the temperature reached 60 degrees.  felt like spring … though there are a few weeks, and a lot more rain, to come before warmer and dryer weather comes to seattle.  this sun and nice breeze makes me want to get back on the water and SAIL!

sage marine,, is getting closer to beginning construction of Sage 17.  by the end of this upcoming weekend the molds and tooling will be moved from california to colorado.  it is my hope we will have at least one ‘production model’ completed in the next 6-8 weeks.

– dave

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