projects update

with SWEET PEA out of the weather in a large shop i’ve been able to do a some tasks over the past few days –

  • removed bow pulpit
  • removed motor mount
  • ran wire from distribution panel to bow (a bit of standing on my head) for the bow bi-color light
  • repaired damaged masthead light in deck plug.

the warmer temps have allowed me to re-start the varnish work on the cabin hatch boards.  i’ll put on the last coat today.

today i’ll also clean up the bow pulpit and motor mount.  there is rust where water was getting behind the mounting hardware because of failed bedding compound.

tomorrow my plan is to go to the boat in fill the bolt holes with epoxy to protect the deck and transom wood core (same as what i did when re-bedding the cabintop handrails last spring).  the deck is cored with balsa.  the transom is cored with marine plywood.

i’ll be going to West Marine at the end of the week to purchase new stainless bolts, nuts and washers; along with some connectors for the bow-light wiring.  i was amazed to find that the washers used on the motor mount were ZINC PLATED and NOT stainless steel.  this is work done by a prior owner (not Jerry Montgomery).

over the weekend i ordered a transom ladder.  purchased directly from the factory for $60 less than any other distributer i could find!

– dave

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