west marine visit and projects update

on 29 march i was able to fill the bow pulpit bolt holes with epoxy.  did the same to the half of the motor mount bolt holes.  I can’t reach half of the bolt holes to duct tape the ‘back’ of the holes for filling with epoxy.  My friends son will ‘apply the tape’ middle of next week so I can fill the holes.

i cleaned up the motor mount and bow pulpit stainless.  both look much better.

I still need to remove rust from the motor mount’s bracket – water was getting behind the bracket, the bedding had failed, so the stainless was oxygen starved and rusted.  The bedding had failed but no water got into the transom’s balsa core – that is GOOD news!

sanded and put a coat of varnish on the motor mount’s ‘motor mounting board’.  i’ve kept this board well protected so this is only a ‘pre-season’ coating.  shouldn’t need to re-varnish again till late season or before SWEET PEA is put into winter storage many months from now.

i now need to drill some holes to run electrical wire into the pulpit for the bow bi-colored light.

the hatch boards project is now completed with each board getting eight coats of varnish.

i light sanded the cabintop teak and put on a coat of seafin.

Today I went to west marine to purchase new stainless bolts, washers and nuts.  a few other items, including a new ‘windex’ wind pointer for the masthead, came to just under $100.

tomorrow i’m going to put on another coat of seafin, mount the new windex and try and find the short in the trailer’s taillight wiring.

my hope is to have the bolt holes all epoxed by the end of next week.  this means i can get the hardware re-mounted.

i’m waiting for the transom boarding ladder to arrive.  once it is here i can drill the necessary bolt holes, fill them, and mount the ladder.

most of the above tasks are two person work: one to be outside the hull and one to be inside the hull.  this involves some coordination of schedules so i have a helper to complete tasks.

– dave

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