Winter task update

As of Sunday, 3 April, I have filled all the pre-existing holes on SWEET PEA with epoxy.  My hope is by the end of the week to have re-installed the motor mount and bow pulpit.

Drilled a new hole in the foredeck for the new bow light wire run.  Drilled two holes in the bow pulpit so the wire run inside the tubes.  Pulling the wire was quick.  Once the pulpit is re-attached and bedded I’ll finish the wiring and install the bi-colored bow light.

Need to cut some exterior grade plywood for a backing board for mounting the transom boarding ladder.  After cutting the plywood to size i’ll coat with epoxy and then epoxy the backing boards to the transom.  I’ll then drill out the holes and do the same epoxy filling process as done for the motor mount and bow pulpit.

– Dave

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