more holes in the boat

i have drilled out the bow pulpit holes that were filled with epoxy.  i’ll do the same to the motor mount holes on the transom in the next day or so.

drilled out holes

done some careful tape work around the mounting areas on the trasom and bow so i’m ready to bed hardware.  my hope is to bed hardware over this upcoming weekend.

taped foredeck

the transom boarding ladder project has started.  the transom holes are drilled, and i’ve cut backing boards (3/4″ exterior grade plywood).  i’ll be coving these boards with epoxy and then epoxy them into place on the inside of the transom.  once dried i’ll drill out the bolt holes and mount the ladder.

sanded the ‘wet’ cockpit stern locker.  this is in prep for finishing the ‘sealing’ job so that gas tanks don’t vent into the cabin.  the pieces are ready to be epoxyed into place once the transom ladder and motor mount tasks are done.  once the patch is in place the locker will be painted with interlux bildgekoat.

replaced two of the stays t-bolts and toggles: outer stay port and starboard sides.  these were bent over the years.  ALWAYS make sure the fittings are set the correct direction before raising the mast … if not you WILL bend hardware.

bent standing rigging

weather is turning cold.  10 degrees colder during the day and at night than last week.  this is slowing the epoxy work as the temps are at the bottom range for the chemicals to ‘kick’.

– dave

* edit: added photos 8 april ’11

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