projects being completed … going sailing SOON

over the past week the following have been completed –

  • motor mount rebedded

motor mount done

  • transom boarding ladder ready to be attached as the backing plates have been epoxyed to the inside of the transom and the bolt holes drilled

transom ladder almost ready

  • bow pulpit rebedded

bow pulpit

  • bow bi-color light attached and wired

bow light

  • started to seal-off the stern cockpit locker from the cabin
  • cleaned up and applied six coats of Seafin to the mast crutch
  • new Windex bracket installed at masthead
  • rebedded the forward hatch latch and hatch arm hardware

once the boarding ladder is attached SWEET PEA is ready for the water.  projects, such as the stern locker fiberglass work, can be finished at a later time.  i REALLY want to go for a sail!

– dave

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