all items are ATTACHED!

all the transom items have been attached and bedded!  on monday my good friend eric did creative use of electrical tape and socket set extenders to get the washers and bolts onto the boarding ladder bolts.

bedded transom ladder

today i cleared up the excess bedding compond and the transom is again water tight!  also pictured is the teak mast crutch after being cleaned and receiving six coats of Seafin.

transom items finished

the stern cockpit locker is now glassed off from the inside of the boat.  no more gasoline funes in the cabin!  on sunday i put the patch in place.  today i put a layer of fiberglass over the thickened epoxy used to hold the patch.  once the epoxy is set, about 48 hours, i’ll debate painting the locker … or go sailing.  the challenge is the cool daytime temps, and near freezing overnight mean that the paint may take a week to fully dry (i’m going to use Interlux Bildgekote – thanks for the suggestion Stan ‘the paint man’ Susman).

did some clean-up work on the bow bi-colered light and the wire that passes along the roof of the forward section of the v-berth is now secure.

in 48 hours SWEET PEA will be ready for sailing.  i’ll now putting together a plan for a three-day trip next week.

– dave

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