SWEET PEA’s old home on cover of G.O.B mag

The past two owners of SWEET PEA moored her on a buoy in Quartermaster Harbor at Vashon Island.    The exact location was at Dockton, technically on Maury Island, attached by a small isthmus to Vashon Island.  When I collected the May/June ’11 (issue 78 , GOOD OLD BOAT the cover photograph looked really familiar.  The reason is that if the photo angle had been just a few degrees further left SWEET PEA’s old mooring buoy would have been in the picture.  If you look at the cover SWEET PEA’s old home was just a bit to the left of the red Bayliner sailboat in the background on the far left of the picture.

Here are some of my own pictures from the same location taken early October 2011 –

pilot house sloop
A close-up of the pilot house sloop.
sad bayliner
A close-up of the red hulled bayliner … she looks better at a distance.

Boat projects updates –

the stern cockpit locker has been fiberglassed off from the rest of the boat … no more breathing of gasoline fumes!  I now need to paint the locker … but first i’ll go sailing as the the boat is in sailing condition once again.

Pictures of the completed fiberglass work:

stern locker 2
The patch is balsa cored.  You can see the outlines of the old ‘gap’ that runs along the stern side of the locker at the top.  This space is open into the interior of the boat.  This ‘gap’ is common to all M17’s and allows stern locker ‘fume producing items’ to vent into the cabin.  This patch closes that gap and the fuel fumes will not vent outside the boat through the thru-transom hole used for the outboard fuel line.


stern locker 1
This photo looks to the port side of the locker.  The wood block  is the board is one of  two backing board for the transom boarding ladder.  The block is fully encased in epoxy and glued to the locker/transom wall with thickened epoxy.


The two pictures above show the patch that filled a grove that ran the entire lower-forward-width of the locker.  This grove didn’t leak or vent fumes, but held gunk and water.  Filling the grove makes the locker ‘cleaner and more ‘ship shape’ IMO.  The smaller holes are the cockpit drains.  SWEET PEA drains the cockpit with below the waterline thru-hulls (the pictures are inverted and up is ‘down’).  The larger holes lead to the cockpit.

I may paint the locker before I depart for Colorado.  The paint, Interlux Bildgekote, requires the temp to remain above 50 degrees to properly cure … evening temps are dropping into the mid-30s so i’m not yet in a ‘weather window’ to finish coat the locker.

My plan is to leave for CO in two-ish weeks.  I’ll going East to assist in the building of the first three production Sage Marine Sage 17s.  I’ll be returning to Seattle with one of the boats to conduct cruising sea trials during Larry Yake’s San Juan and Gulf Islands Montgomery Sailboats Owners Group cruise June 11-25, 2011.

– Dave

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