Spring is ‘springing’

In between building boats, talking about boats, and delivering boats I do think about sailing and the ‘consequences’ of living in a land locked state (Colorado).  I have been sailing this year, in Colorado, once on one of the small reservoir lakes on the Southwest corner of Denver. This small lake is nothing like sailing Puget Sound … but it is sailing. The ‘homelake’, Dillon, is at 9000′ at still frozen. No news yet on when the lake is likely to thaw and I’ll be able to put AIR BORN, the demo Sage 17, into her slip. This compares to when I sailed The Sound. By mid-May I would have had already completed a couple of long weekend cruises.

This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day.  When I lived by Puget Sound this is a weekend I would avoid the water.  Much to busy at the launch ramps and the cruising locations are also filled. Around these spring/summer/fall holidays my ‘system’ was to quickly volunteer to work the holiday weekend.  Why?  So I get priority ‘selection rights’ for a mid-week vacation.  What does mid-week vacation provide?  A near empty Puget Sound.  No rushing or ‘attitudes’ at the launch ramps, ample parking for truck/trailer and no problems finding a spot in an anchorage, buoy or dock. The quiet is perfect and what Ienjoy.

SWEET PEA remains on her trailer. The weather is getting better so I need to give her some attention: oil the exterior teak, give her a bath, wax the hull and non-non-skid areas of the deck. Even though she hasn’t been used much in the past three years I do need to lift her and inspect the cast iron centerboard. I’m not sure where she will see water again …

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