sad boat buying story

another sad story in the ‘history’ of ‘Montgomery Boats’  …

(important: Jerry Montgomery is not affiliated with Montgomery Boats.  Jerry’s company, Montgomery Marine Products, was closed in 1995.  there is no company named ‘Montgomery Boats’ … really, look it up, there are no articles of incorporation, no USCG ID, no history of licensing nor record of such a compay residing in any USA state).

last week i received a call from  new M17 owners having some questions about their boat. ‘i’d love to help;’ was thought.  the reality is i stumbled upon not a couple having purchased an older M17 needing renovation.  what i found was a couple with a brand new M17 that was not complete nor of the quality one would expect.  i saw this boat personally as i happened to by driving by the owners’ home while delivering a Sage 17 to her owners.

the Montgomery 17 arrived damaged.  how?  the trailer wasn’t correctly adjusted so the hull became deformed.

the deck gel coat is damaged.  the cockpit locker hatch covers look like they were slid across a concret floor.  in multiple locations there are faults in the gelcoat due to the mold being damaged (FYI the M17 mold is worn out.  Jerry says it was designed to build 250 boats, and when Jerry closed Montgomery Marine Products 250 had been built).

the hull has gelcoat faults both from a poor gel coat job and mold damage (as described above).  i also question is the hull was correctly layed up (see above about the hull becoming deformed).

the centerboard has a large crack and a corner knock out of the lower trailing edge.

the centerboard rotation pin was incorrectly installed, the incorrect length and seems to be made of stainless steel (SS should never be used below the waterline!).

no sheets or halyards were delivered with the boat.

the electrical system is not complete … meaning wires are left hanging from fixtures.

a paid for bottom barrier coat was incorrectly applied (must be redone) and the anti-fouling was not applied.  this issue alone will cost the owners an additional $2000-$3000 to be corrected by a local boat yard!

the running rigging hardware is sub-standard (ie, cheap and not correct application of the item) and in many cases incorrectly installed – one example is the jib/genoa sheet tracks on the toe rail were not correctly tightened so the sheet block cars wouldn’t move freely their entire length because the fasterner heads sit above the track!

i find all the above disturbing.  it means that M17s, a great boat, are being delivered not to the specifications outlined by Jerry Montgomery and Lyle Hess.  boats such as this also are sold using Jerry’s and Lyle’s names – both persons (in Lyle’s case his estate) have requested any reference to their connection to the boats currently being producted be removed!

– Dave

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