Busy sailing and driving boats around USA

November 3rd 2013 … time goes quickly.

In the time since my post below I have driven to the East coast twice and the west coast twice with Sage 17s in tow.  I have also made another west coast trip to collect Sage 17 trailers.  while on the East coast I delivered a boat to FL (June), attended the Annapolis Sailboat Show and made trips to NH and PA to show the Sage 17 (October).

When on the West coast I attended the 14th Annual Cruiser Challenge (July) in Monterey Bay, CA, (winning the medium boat class, and taking 3rd in the ‘unlimited’ class); and went to Port Townsend, WA, twice (July & August).  the P.T. trip in July was to attend Pocket Yacht Palooza.  The August visit to Port Townsand was for two weeks to co-instruct a Small Craft Sailing Skills Academy.  In addition, when home, I sailed Sage 17 AIR BORN on Lake Dillon, CO.

So lots of travel and sailing!

In additon the summer saw continued sales and construction of Sage 17s.  At the time of this posting the 20th Sage 17 will be delivered to her owner in Dec. ’13.  Sage 17’s remain on backorder status through April ’14.

Because of the above SWEET PEA has remained on her trailer next to the Sage Marine shop.  She has received basic checks to assure no leaks or other problems have developed.  Her teak does need to be re-finished and the hull given a good waxing.

In other news I have been receiving continued sad reports that Bob Eeg continues to take peoples’ money for M17s and M15s and not delivering boats.  Bob also has prominent persons in the small, trailerable, sailboat community sharing lies that M-boats are being delivered and Nor’Sea Boats is busy.  The truth is Bob continues to take money, ruin dreams and use without permission Jerry Montgomery’s and Lyle Hess’s names.

7 Nov. ’13 additions and clarifications to the above –

when i wrote, “receiving continued sad reports …”; i wasn’t stating that i had heard these things second, third, fourth(etc.) hand.  i mean that victims are calling and sending meemails about their heartbreak and lost funds.

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