busy building boats and a sailer’s video

is it May 1st?!  some days it feels like just a few days after the holidays and new years … but no, five months has passed.

very busy at Sage Marine.  keeping just ahead of the demand for the Sage 17.  a good feeling that the boat is popular and a success.

picture below of the shop a few weeks ago.  five boats pictured –



SWEET PEA needs some cleaning and teak renovation done before she goes on a trip.  in late June, if work allows, i’ll take SWEET PEA to Lake Navajo (at the CO and NM boarder) for a group sail with some boating friends. this winter i had SWEET PEA’s main re-cut to take out some of the ‘bag’ and convert to loose foot.  this means i need to improve the boom’s outhaul system.

ran across the video below today.  sailors reading this will know what the short film is all about.  enjoy –


– Dave

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