Blake to Dockton

A quiet evening was had at Blake Island. I enjoyed a hot shower and watched the racoons inspect the beaches and docks. The geese were vocal.

The next destination, Dockton, is at Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island. The location is a homecoming of sorts for Sweet Pea as her prior two owners kept her there on a mooring for over 20 years. For me Dockton is a location visited many times with my family.

The wind forecast was for up to 15 knots with higher gusts. It was also, maybe, going to rain. I dressed warmly and switched the 150% genoa for the 110% working jib before leaving the Blake Island marina.

Departing the Blake Island Marina.  The Tillicum Village long house is to the right in the photo.

Existing the marina I raised sail on the southerly and began beating south. The wind was blowing fairly consistently at 15 in addition to be gusty and shifty. After a short time I reefed, I am cruising not racing, and the Sweet Pea settled down while still sailing at close to five knots.

The seas around Blake Island are notoriously lumpy because of the swirling currents and boat wakes. Once south of the northern tip of Vashon the waves become more orderly from the south at one to two feet. The wind was gusty and shifted a lot. Lots of course corrections as the wind moved about 45 degrees from south – this is very shifty wind for Puget Sound. The gusts also made for moments of good sailing and then periods with the boat underpowered.

The stronger wind was welcomed as for most of the day the current would be ebbing – going against the direction I was going. Sweet Pea was making good time and her speed was a consistent 4+ knots over ground; meaning she was doing close to 5 knots across the water. Excellent performance in the choppy seas.

As I sailed around Point Robinson the wind lessened and the gusts abaited.  I took out the reef in the main. The seas were also moderating and the shifting winds were not shifting meant I could get the helm balanced and made myself lunch as the TillerClutch held Sweet Pea on course.

Point Robinson off the bow.

As I finished lunch the wind really went light. I changed out the working jib for the genoa … Sweet Pea sailing herself under main alone. The sun then came out – wonderful!

I sailed into Quartermaster Harbor and all the way to the bay at Docton. I set the anchor after sailing for six hours and covering 21 nautical miles.

Entering Quartermaster Harbor.  Dockton is to starboard after rounding the point.

One thought on “Blake to Dockton

  1. Dave
    Appreciate your blog on sailing a smaller craft. I am planning my first on the hook trip to the North Channel in Onterio Canada in a couple of weeks. I will be with about 7 other smaller boats. I will be in Small Fry my Guppy 13. I have another friend who has one and I am going with their group. Should be a fun adventure. Looking forward to your next post.
    Tim Highfield


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