Unable to cope?

No! The comment is not about me! I’m doing well and just doing a quick catch-up here as the posts about what I’ve been doing are way behind from where I am at (more up-to-date photos are on my Instagram feed).  I am currently on day 64 living and cruising on Sweet Pea. This post this made Ganges, Gulf Islands, Canada!

The reason for my comment is as the cruising season in full swing and the of boats on the water is now much greater than when I started this adventure. ‘My’ Salish Sea is becoming populated by all these other people – ha ha!  I found that many people, really most people, no longer can cruise on anything but the boating equivalent of a McMansion: large and complicated and not designed to engage with the outdoors.  All locations I visit Sweet Pea is the smallest and simplest cruiser, most definitely liveaboard, and most other craft are large power boats – and it seems ALL have their generators running. They can’t seem to survive even a moment without air conditioning, big screen TV, electric fridge and stove, mounds of just too much electronic energy-consuming crap.  For 64 days I’ve been beyond happy with a 9 year old group 24 battery charged with a 30 watt solar panel.

sweet pea at ganges
Sweet Pea at the Ganges Marina showing off her power source: a single 30-watt solar panel!

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