Feeding the body part 1 – where to cook and what with?

NOTE: I originally posted this May 2015 on Sage Marine’s BLOG. In a short time the BLOG will be closed – stupidly. I am reposting this information so it is not lost. When talking about the Sage 17, or the other Jerry Montgomery designs I’ve owned an sailed, a common question is ‘where and how … More Feeding the body part 1 – where to cook and what with?

Montgomery #375 Sweet Pea is FOR SALE

With a very heavy heart Momma Kitty and I need to sell our much loved Sweet Pea as we’ve decided we like living on the water and though an extremely capable boat Sweet Pea isn’t appropriate for living aboard through the Pacific Northwest late-fall, winter and early spring.  She is appropriate for daysailing, long weekends and extended … More Montgomery #375 Sweet Pea is FOR SALE

Unable to cope?

No! The comment is not about me! I’m doing well and just doing a quick catch-up here as the posts about what I’ve been doing are way behind from where I am at (more up-to-date photos are on my Instagram feed).  I am currently on day 64 living and cruising on Sweet Pea. This post … More Unable to cope?

A new boating permit

I’ve just become aware that there is a new permit for a boat visiting Washington State waters – Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Permit for Out-of-State Boaters.  It seems in 2017 this new permit was approved – effective 2018.  The permit is to assist the help the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s efforts in preventing the spread … More A new boating permit

Ship’s stores

For my upcoming 2018 many months Salish Sea trip,  could be up to five months on the water, I need to figure out what which ship’s stores are really needed v. what I want – I have seventeen feet of boat, that will also be shared with a cat, to carry all the stuff.  I must … More Ship’s stores