Ship’s stores

For my upcoming 2018 many months Salish Sea trip,  could be up to five months on the water, I need to figure out what which ship’s stores are really needed v. what I want

I have seventeen feet of boat, that will also be shared with a cat, to carry all the stuff.  I must prioritize and thin and then re-prioritize.

I may be going on a long cruise but, in general, I’m not ever be all that far from civilization.  This is especially true in Puget Sound, San Juan Islands and the Gulf Islands – these locations are mainly rural but not without infrastructure.  If, as my plans are flexible and I wish to sail ‘in the moment’, I get into Desolation Sound and other places north of Nanaimo, Canada,  the  number of locations for supplies significantly diminishes, but there are places to stop and collect ship’s stores – even receive mail.


momma inspecting stores
Momma Kitty inspects one of the ship’s stores lockers.

beginning of the trip will be spent in Puget Sound as I relearn Sweet Pea and get myself and Momma Kitty settled into life afloat.  After many weeks I’ll then head into the more out of the way locations in the Islands.  By then I’ll know from actual use what is working and what isn’t and adjust provisions as needed while in a good marine port such as Port Townsend or Anacortes.


2 thoughts on “Ship’s stores

  1. excited for you Dave. We are also planning on extended cruising in the islands with our M23. And, may be bringing our 18 year old cat Sander . He has only done lak3 sailing though.


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