Sailing From Behind the Curve

While waiting for boat parts to arrive, so I can continue SWEET PEA’s recommissioning and improvements, I have been enjoying one of my favorite non-sailing activities – reading.

sailingbehindthecurveLate last year an acquaintance, Dave Bacon, published his second book ‘Sailing From Behind the Curve’.  Dave is an absolutely top-notch sailor.  He knows his stuff.  I’ve raced against him a few times and he has always come out in front.  Knowing tactics, sail trim and being a good guy – Dave is all of these.

His book covers a voyage from San Francisco down the Pacific Coast to Cabo San Lucas.  Once at the southern end of Baja Dave turned north inti the Gulf of California and sailed to San Felipe.  Dave sailed a Bear Class sloop (22’11” LOA) and without a motor.  Yes, Dave knows how to sail a boat.

Dave cruise was in 1981 after his marriage ended and he was burned out on his work.  He took most of a year off and sailed – I relate to his motivations.

The story covers Dave’s experiences from choosing the boat to returning home after traveling for eight months.  He is very humble and the writing focusing on may of this misadventures and how his skills could have been better.  Dave writes:

Each day is filled with new experiences and adventure.  What made this cruise so special was sailing alone with just the basics, sails, a big anchor, and the fact that I thought I new much more than I actually did.

It is a story about learning and finding one’s motivations.  I enjoyed it immensely!

You can find yourself a copy on Amazon, ISBN: 978-81983447150 (no surprise in that!).

Dave’s first book is also enjoyable, especially for persons that like to sail small boats – The Gentle Art of Pottering: sailing the P15.


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