Creating a shopping list

Some items need figuring prior to my 2018 Salish Sea cruise.

List of optional items –

  • Electrical – greater storage battery capacity? upgraded panel? USB charging port(s)? 12V status monitor? solar panel?
  • Potti – larger? different type: wag bag or tank?  (The potti currently on the boat is broken and I’ve not been able to find parts – not even on eBay! I can use the one I use in the truck camper bu the issue is ‘holding capacity’.)
  • Dri-deck – under the cockpit floor and in the port cockpit locker.  have a couple of squares some already under the cockpit and more would decrease the chance something ends up in the bilge.
  • Halyards – the current halyards are a bit ‘crunchy’. (I’m considering giving them a wash to see if they improve.)
  • Trailer motor mount for outboard – with the camper on the truck need a place to put the outboard … and not excited about having it on the transom when towing the boat.
  • Mainsheet traveler – get ride of the plastic Clamleat 203s and replace with Harken 468s with angles riser wedges for easier adjustment.
  • Install Mastgate – so mainsail slugs don’t fall out of mast.
  • Replace masthead sheaves with ones that spin more smoothly and don’t squeal
  • Replace topping lift line – current one is 1/4″ and 3/16″ is more appropriate; or replace with a Boomkicker.
  • Gas cans – No-spill 1-1/4 and 2-1/2 gallon. (Current ones are prone to leaking and are are not as easy to use when filling the motor.)
  • Reefing lines – embarrassed to write as I’m not exactly sure if the hardware for the second reef clew line is present.
  • Main sail cover & jib headstay bag – don’t have and best practice is to protect the sails from the UV!
  • Antifouling bottom paint – SWEET PEA’s hull is painted and done by the prior owner in 2008.  Besides being 10 years old there are  locations that need touch-up.  Get a quart and just cover the ‘thin’ locations?
  • Implement my idea for the ‘simple companionway dodger’ – I’ll discuss this idea in a future post.

List of ‘for sure’ items (but still thinking about) –

  • Whisker pole – Forespar 6′-12′ pole for light wind sailing – gone missing
  • Running lights – stern light? (don’t have one) masthead light? – gone missing
  • Windex – current one is broken.
  • Boom hardware – need to create an outhaul to replace current ‘wimpy’ one and to better use the now loose foot main (had the main modified about four years ago).
  • Replace outboard motor mount wood pad – install HDPE pad – current one is rotting as wasn’t marine plywood and I didn’t keep it varnished.
  • Replace mainsheet traveler line. – current one is rotten
  • Charts for locations north of the Gulf Islands.
  • Umbrella – wonderfully useful thing and strongly recommended by Dylan Winter
  • Water jugs – thinking capacity for at least 10 if not 15 gallons of H2O
  • WA State moorage permit$ well spent as will save a lot of money on dockage and buoy fees over a long Spring, Summer and Fall

All the above are all cost money.  Boat’s ain’t cheep (even little ones).  I’ve selected a few items that are not of the ‘highest quality’ and I’ve already reached the $2500+ mark!  It also kills me to be paying RETAIL!!


4 thoughts on “Creating a shopping list

  1. You mention an umbrella and I wonder if you’ve seen the versa-brellla? Pretty nifty umbrella that clamps and adjusts multiple ways. I keep two on my potter and wish that I had gotten them years ago. I recently bought charts from the Frugal Navigator; he sells a small craft format that I like and the prices were good.


  2. I didn’t think about the Canada aspect; he does have some international charts but it seems like that part of the website isn’t working well. I like using the booklet charts for approaches to harbors so I have the latest light information but find larger charts more useful along the coastline. Not much to hit between Oceanside CA & Dana Point unless I get close to shore but I like looking at the charts. I’ve anchored out for the night once so far and the chart helped me figure out a good spot to anchor. There is a restricted area between Oceanside & San Onofre where no anchoring is allowed. Good luck with shopping.


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