Three Sheets Northwest

With my new freedom and in preparation for my Spring/Summer/Fall 2018 extended cruise I’ve begun to read more closely some www-sites that were helpful when I last was actively cruising and living near the Salish Sea.  One that has good local knowledge is Three Sheets Northwest.  A bit about the site –

As boaters and journalists, we [the site founders] noticed that our region lacked — and needed — an online publication bringing daily news and other information to Northwest boaters. So in January 2009, we launched Three Sheets Northwest.

A post on the site from a few days ago discussed a good ‘hidey hole’ to get out of the weather when near Bellingham, Washington

No matter what time of year it is, Chuckanut Bay is a lovely spot to stop for a night or two and you’ve got several options when deciding where to drop the hook.  If you’re looking to take cover from a big southerly, the southwest corner of the bay is absolutely perfect. Here, pint-sized Pleasant Bay is flanked by a nearly shear shoreline with private homes nestled amongst the trees. Depths are moderate and we anchored here numerous times in about 30 feet. Prevailing winds are typically out of the southwest and we sat through a blow of about 35 to 40 knots one night without noticing it much.

Read the entire article here – Winter hidey-holes of the Salish Sea: Chuckanut Bay

There are also three more articles in the series –

I have to say of all the above my personal favorite is Blind Bay –

blind bay 2009
Blind Bay, Shaw Island, San Juan Islands, WA.  This photo taken when I as on a cruise with Montgomery Sailboat Owners in June 2009.  Those are two M17s in the picture.

If you have been so good as to read this far I will add that the Three Sheet Northwest site is slow to load.  Always has been slow in all my years of visiting (and I began to visit shortly after the site was founded in 2009).  Don’t know why but it is slow … but WORTH the extended load time.

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