A place to sit

Still waiting for many boat parts to arrive so I’ve been doing tasks as I can.

I tried to find replacement parts for the old boat potti; but no pieces are available – not a surprise as it is likely the potti is a ’83 like the boat.  In order to save a few bucks, though much like putting my thumb in the dike to stop it leaking, I will be using the same potti as used in the truck camper, a Thetford 260.

thetford 260
The potti on a Montgomery 17 sits under the aft starboard side of the v-berth.

Yesterday I started drilling holes in the boat to install the solar panel, the aft cockpit locker vent and installing the improved electrical system.  Today I’ll be filling the thru-deck holes with thickened epoxy – should be warm enough the resin with kick!


The traveler currently uses CL203s – a poor choice as they don’t like to hold the line

As part of the resin work I’ll remove part of the mainsheet traveler system and the lower rudder transom gudgeon.  This gudgeon shows evidence of weeping, it sits just at the waterline, and I’ll be installing cam cleats to replace the poorly functioning clamcleats used to lock the traveler line.

After many washings the running rig lines are looking better and again ready for service.  I still need to purchase new lines to replace those beyond salvage.

I also sanded the bootstripe in preparation for painting the hull with fresh antifouling paint.  I’ve chosen Pettit Hydrocoat Eco, red like the current color, to protect the bottom.  I’ll report on how well the paint works as the SWEET PEA will be in the water for five months starting in May.

boot stripe
Bootstripe sanded and ready for painting.

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