The Curve of Time

Athe curve of time well regarded series of stories by M. Wylie Blanchet is known by most sailors that travel the Salish Sea.  The stories cover Wylie’s adventures, and some miss-adventures, traveling the northern reaches of the Strait of Georgia to just North of Vancouver Island.  She traveled this area in the 1920s and 1930s in a small power cruiser.  At that time there were actually more people living in the region than now, but the wilderness was less disturbed and many of the dwellings of the First Nations people still remained.


Tfollowing the curve of timehe second book is a bibliography by Cathy Converse.  The book is an interesting read if you enjoyed The Curve of Time as it provides background information.  Based on the title you may think is would be a travelogue with information about current conditions in contrast to what the Blanchet family experienced – it is some of that, but mostly it is a description of Wylie’s life with some information about what became of her and the children after the 1930s.

Both books are interesting in their stories and history about the Salish Sea.  I find Wylie’s the more enjoyable as it has a bit of adventure, exploration and occasional humor.  Beware that if you have any interest in the amazing areas around British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast these books will likely motivate you to explore the area yourself!



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