5 thoughts on “Centerboard serviced

  1. Looks like a nice little boat.
    We bought our 1st sailboat late last summer. O’day-25. Took some lessons but did not get the boat in the water because I had to replace old rusting winches I could not buy parts for and had other things pulling at my time. Also bought new standing rigging since the original rigging was 38 years old. Excited to get it in the water this spring. I plan on renting a slip on the Columbia near Portland so we can just enjoy the boat and not have to pull it and rig it all the time.


  2. I miss my old M-17 in the worst way. I had to sell it to pay for some water issues under the house. Definitely looking for another one. There is one in Sequim for sale. Did you have any splitting at the opening of the keel slot? I talking about the sharp turn that goes from the flat ridge around the slot, cornering up into the slot itself.


    1. I’m not aware of any Puget Sound M17s for sale … but I’m not actively looking at any ‘boat for sale’ sites.

      SWEET PEA had no keel issues.

      The only significant work I needed to do during my ownership was having the centerboard dropped, cleaned, sealed and repainted – something common for any boat with steel below the waterline. My thinking is this servicing needed to be done about once every ten years depending on how boat is used and stored.


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