Des Moines to Dockton

Beginning of a record setting heat wave in Seattle.  I have two days off work and decide to enjoy some natural air conditioning – Puget Sounds mid-50 degree waters!

Departure is from the soon to be closed sling launch at Des Moines Marina.  One of the two launches is broken and will not be repaired.  The working sling is in constant motion with boats launching and returning.  A combination of events: Sunday has people returning from a weekend on the water; anglers are trying their luck at catching the Sound’s last wild salmon.

Bouy ‘TB’ marking the shipping lane in East Passage.  Des Moines in background.

A light southerly wind is blowing allowing me to beat to Point Robinson.  For a while it seems the wind is building … but no such luck.  I hold out hope and drift with the tide for an hour before starting up the Suzuki and motoring into Quartermaster Harbor.

I anchor in about 35 feet and quickly put out the cockpit cover.  A late afternoon breeze is building, keeping me comfortable.  I read for a few hours and then decide on taking a late day nap.

Two hours later I wake, make dinner, and put a DVD on to play.  Life on Sweet Pea is civilized and I make some popcorn to watch Alien in style.  Movie completed, I read for a few hours and then scoot into the v-berth for a restful night sleep.

072609 02 sunset
Thunderstorm clouds forming north of Seattle.

Sleeping late (8AM) I rise to a quickly warming day.  The night was so warm as no dew formed on Sweet Pea’s decks.  The morning breeze is keeping it comfortable.  A cup, or two, of coffee with breakfast I’m ready to set sail.  The breeze is moderating so I motor out the south entrance of Quartermaster.  The wind is light and changes direction from northerly to southerly.  Passing Piner Point the wind turns again to the north and I raise sail.

I sail across East Passage to Dash Point State Park where the light wind dies.  I wait out the lull for 15 or so minutes; and the wind comes up from the north-east.  I sail in cats-paws for about an hour and reach Point Robinson.  Here the wind shifts 90-degrees blowing at 15 knots from the northwest.  This last push gets me to Des Moines.

072709 02 des moines
Light North-east winds.  View of Pt. Robinson is blocked by genoa, Des Moines to starboard.

Desk Moines marina is quiet, being a Monday and the day HOT.  Some folks are about, but nothing like on Sunday.  In an hour Sweet Pea is on the trailer and I head for home.  Did I say IT IS HOT!  96 degrees is displayed on a bank’s sign as leave Des Moines.

This trip’s route can be viewed on Google Maps.

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