To Blakely Harbor

Water reflecting on the hull of a boat in Edmonds Marina.

Having gone shopping, taken a shower and seen my family I and Momma Kitty departed Edmonds for Blakely Harbor.

The sailing was wonderful with the wind slowly lightening from 10-15kts to about 5kts and generally from the southwest-ish so there was some tacking. As usual the seas around Edmonds were choppy with the interaction of current, wind and the shoreline. Sweet Pea was well powered up and charged well even though most of the day was against a 1-2 knot ebbing tide.

Seattle as seen from entrance to Blakely Harbor.

By early afternoon the clouds had mostly burned off providing a nicely warm afternoon.

I sailed into Blakely, a harbor on the southeastern corner of Bainbridge Island and not to be confused with Blake Island. The wind was light and I set the anchor under sail.

In total traveled just over 22 nautical miles is seven hours (most of it sailed, as noted above, against a 1-2 knot counter current) and only used the motor leaving Edmonds Marina. Perfect!

Momma Kitty takes an afternoon nap.

I enjoyed a late afternoon coffee, updated the logbook, and then made dinner while watching the sunset. A perfect end to a wonderful day of sailing.

One thought on “To Blakely Harbor

  1. Hey Dave – saying hello – I see you left Sage and are now on a great adventure – I know Colorado and I’m sure Sage will miss you – hopefully we will meet up again someday – we are headed to Port Townsend this summer – looking forward to it as we have never been there – still sailing the Compac 16 and really like it – cheers – Ken Johansen – Durango


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