Tacoma Narrows

I awake at Gig Harbor seeing light fog. Pretty, but left me wondering what the conditions were in the main channels of Puget Sound.

Morning fog in Gig Harbor.

I depart Gig Harbor about an hour before the current was to turn in my favor so I play the back-eddy that runs south along the western shore. The main channel current turned as I approach the bridges so my speed over ground jumps to 8-to-9kts.

Fog in the Tacoma Narrows.
Fog lifting and I can see the bridges
Passing under the Narrows bridges.

South of Tacoma Narrows a light breeze weakly blows so I raised sail.  It is slow going and I’m able to get to about 1/2-nm from Eagle Island where the wind completely dies.  I grab a State Park buoy on the east side of the island for the wonderful view of Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier as seen from the east side of Eagle Island
Sun setting behind Eagle Island.

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