Dockton to Gig Harbor

After spending a couple of days atat Dockt to organize things on the boat and just enjoy time a anchor I headed to Gig Harbor.  As there was little to no wind I motored the entire way.

Gig Harbor was another favorite stop when I was growing up and sailing with my folks.  Gig Harbor has gone from small village to a location filled with mega-mansions, many large yachts and and high-priced ‘tourist-trapy’.  I like to visit as it was a good location to re-provision as there WAS a Safeway just a few blocks from the public dock (Jerisich Dock).

Well … how things have changed.  I arrived with the plan to get groceries and then tie up to one of the two free buoys next to Jerisich Dock.  That plan quickly came to an end when I found the Safeway is closed!  Like most people these days I checked my phone and the closest grocery store is now almost 3 miles away!!  You can guess the few ‘sailor words’ I used upon finding out these facts.

I know there is public bus service so I walked to the bus stop near where Safeway was located to see the schedule.  No luck as the local punks have removed the schedule board – more choice sailor words.

Needing food I walked, yes walked, to the new Safeway location (it is located in a big mall development on Highway 16).  To make this even more fun the walk was uphill!

My tired feet!

After shopping, and using the wifi, I walked back to the boat disappointed in Gig Harbor which is now a GO ONLY IF YOU MUST location.

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