North through The Narrows

The Potters are going to Gig Harbor and then some are thinking they will then go to Blake Island. We all depart Longbranch heading for the Tacoma Narrows to catch the ebb north. Most motor and some try to sail in the very light wind (I motor).

Couple of Potter 15’s motering along.

South of the Narrows Bridges a light southerly comes up and I up sails and off motor. The wind doesn’t last and after 45 minutes I pull down the sails … the wind has gone so light and shifty the sails flap like I’m going head to wind as the current is carrying me along at 4+ knots!

Going under Tacoma Narrows Bridges.

I motor to Gig Harbor and tie up at the Public Dock. The Potters are going to Arabella’s Landing Marina where the cost is $30/night. Nope for me! I’ll grab one of the free buoys after going shopping.

I make a fried egg sandwich and collect my shopping bags and wallet and head for the store. This time I don’t walk the 2+ miles to the shopping center – I find information at the Visitor Center about the bus system and ride Pierce Transit. The one item I’m needing to find urgently is Momma Kitty’s cat food. I looked while shopping in Olympia and found a location with the right brand but not the correct type.

Went to three places shopping: Petsmart (catfood), Fred Meyer (human food and found the cat for for ½ the price I paid at Petsmart), back to Petsmart to return the food and saving myself $12, and then to Ace Hardware to buy butane for the stove. I returned to the bus stop just a few minutes late, bummer; and spent an hour reading (always carry a book or the Kindle) to catch the next bus.

When getting off the bus I look at my watch – the shopping was three hours and the same amount of time it would have taken me if I’d walked to/from the Public Dock. Well at least me feet and arms don’t hurt from a 5 mile walk!

After putting all the ships stores away, Momma sees to be happy there is now a full bag of food aboard, I move Sweet Pea over to a free buoy.

The forecast stated that rain could come at anytime during the afternoon. It has actually been almost hot all day. Come evening as I cooked dinner the rain finally came. I enjoy the rain, especially if I don’t need to be in the cockpit wearing rain gear! I especially like the sound of raindrops ‘pitter patter’ on the deck.

Mid evening I get a note from the Potters: it is looking like the group will spend three days in Gig Harbor with none going to Blake Island. This will be confirmed in the morning and they will let me know. When cruising with a group one must be flexible … and I have no real schedule so it is all good .

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