John and Dave head for home early in the morning where I spent my time at Penrose State Park having a leisurely morning late breakfast and enjoying a book. I’ve received confirmation from the Potters that they are headed to Longbranch Marina at Filucy Bay. I’ll meet them this afternoon.


I depart after lunch finding a light 3-5kt breeze out of the north. After clearing Penrose Point it is up sails and off motor. I reach across Carr Inlet and the wind is just right so I choose to sail through Pitt Passage.

Besides meeting the Potters in the afternoon I delayed my departure from Penrose to have a favorable current in Pitt Passage. This worked in my favor especially as I approached Pitt Island, about half-way through Pitt Passage, the wind shifted 180-degrees! The channel is narrow and with the current in my favor I was able to short tack even in the light and the shifting wind now coming from the south.

Once clear of the channel I get a great lift along the west shore and sail a starboard tack just outside the shoal. I was able to watch multiple bald eagles hunting along the tideline.  One of those priceless moments.

I sailed into Filucy Bay and near the Longbranch Marina drop sail.

I am warmly greeted by the always social Potters.  It is always a pleasure to be greated by friendly group at a harbor.

Momma Kitty checks out the Longbranch Marina.

The evening was spent talking about all things related to small trailerable cruising boats.

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